Intermediate Composition: Assignment One

Intermediate Composition: Assignment One

This Fabulous Foam

imageThere is nothing worse than having dry, flaky skin except for having an embarrassing blemish appear out of nowhere! Luckily for all the dry skin and blemish sufferers there is the Aveeno Clear Completion Foaming Cleanser. This foam gently cleanses the skin to prevent breakouts using natural soy ingredients. The foam leaves the users face feeling clean and blemish free without an over-drying side effect. For people with dry and sensitive skin, this cleanser could be the one for you.

Features and Benefits

The Aveeno brand takes pride in what they call the Active Naturals that are used in all their products. The Active Naturals are a variety of ingredients, like oats, soy, wheat, feverfew, shiitake, sSoyhouthernwood, lotus, and seaweed, which are used to make their products. Each product highlights a different ingredient and the main feature of the Foaming Cleanser is the Active Naturals soy complex. The soybeans are proven to even the user’s skin tone while reducing any blotchiness or discoloration on the skin as well. The cleanser is also oil free, hypoallergenic, and noncomedogenic. This foam will provide someone’s face with a fresh and gentle cleansing experience while also making the skin look healthy and radiant.

Want It? Here’s Where to Get It!  

No matter where someone lives in the world, they will be able to find this cleanser. It is located at a variety of stores ranging from drugstores like CVS or Walgreens to beauty supply stores like Ulta Beauty. Along with being very conveniently located, this cleanser has a reasonable price tag of around $7-8.00. Other cleansers that treat acne and discoloration have prices anywhere from $9-15.00 making the Aveeno foaming cleanser the most reasonable option. Because of the wide availability and small price-tag, this foaming wash is a great option for anyone on a budget, but still wants a quality product that will give them great looking skin.

Foaming Cleanser vs. Cream Cleanser

Along with the foaming cleanser, Aveeno also offers a Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser. Both products use soy as their Active Naturals ingredienimaget; the cream also has salicylic acid in it. The salicylic acid is a recognized acne-fighting feature making the cream better for people prone to acne problems. All the reviews about the cream comment on how acne-free their skin is after using the product and all highly recommend it to anyone who struggles with persistent acne. I have used both the cream and foam and found myself liking the foaming cleanser better. I do not struggle with bad acne and therefore do not need a cleanser that has strong acne-fighting elements, so I preferred the gentle foam wash of the foaming cleanser. Both products make skin even-colored and blemish free, but the cream is a better choice for anyone who has constant acne problems and the foam is the better choice for anyone who just wants a light, gentle cleanser.

My Personal Experience

I have been a personal user of the Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser for about three years and love the product. I have very sensitive skin and struggled to find a cleanser that did not irritate my skin after I would use it, but this foaming wash is gentle enough that I never had any problems. The foam makes the wash gentler then any scrub or cream that I have used while still making my skin bright and blemish free. Sometimes after I use it my face will be a little dry and a have to put moisturizer on, but that happens very occasionally and not enough where I find it to be an annoyance. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has dry sensitive skin and wants a wash that is gentle, but still a great cleanser.


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