An Interview with Meghan

An Interview with Meghan

Meghan Stout works for JPMorgan Chase in their headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. At JPMorgan Chase, Meghan works as a Marketing Campaign Manager and with that position she is “responsible for developing, executing, and managing multiple direct marketing campaigns to support key mortgage marketing initiatives”. Meghan went to school at Franklin University in Columbus where she got a dual bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business Administration. She has been working JP Morgan Chase for three years and seven months giving her enough time with the company to hone in on what it takes to be successful in that position.

Pros and Cons

As a Marketing Campaign Manager, Meghan has several primary responsibilities that all relate back to her main job. She has to be able to “work across multi functional teams such as outside agencies on creative development and execution, list team to coordinate ChaseFronttargeting, analytics team to report campaign results and the print team for production of marketing materials” because in the end all those people contribute to the final product that is produced. For each project Meghan has to make sure everything is “on time and within budget parameters”. Even with all of her responsibilities, Meghan still very much enjoys what she does. She loves that her position allows her to “oversee a project from start to finish” while still having “a hand in the creative development of marketing pieces”. Meghan always thinks of herself as being a creative person, so she was happy when she realized that her job would still let her be involved in the creative pieces like “making sure copy and design align with the marketing strategy” because those are the types of things she gets the most enjoyment from. Looking to the future is very exciting for Meghan because she sees big changes coming within her field, mainly being technologically based. Right now Meghan mainly uses programs like Microsoft Word and Excel to carry out her duties, but she thinks “more companies will eventually provide project management software for use in managing marketing campaigns”. The technological updates could be helpful to Meghan in getting her projects done quicker and with more ease, so she is eager to see them as time goes on.

Of course no job is perfect and no one likes everything about their job and Meghan is no different. Since JPMorgan is such a large company, Meghan finds that there is a lot of bureaucracy to deal with when trying to get certain things done. A company like JPMorgan has very strong controls in place, which helps keep everything organized and running smoothly, but those controls “just make is harder to improve processes and be productive”. More specific to being a Marketing Campaign Manager, there is a high level of stress placed on Meghan because of all the responsibilities she has on a day-to-day basis. Her job requires her to “juggle multiple campaigns with a large number of deliverables all at once” and work hard to “hit tight deadlines”, which are both key contributors to the stress put on her.

Words of Wisdom

For someone looking to go into this type of field of work after school, Meghan has lots a wonderful advice. Having a degree in either marketing, communication, or business administration is really important because those types of degrees teach the type of knowledge that employers except from their employees right out of school. The most qualified people are ones that have “consumer marketing experience and excellent written and oral communication skills”, are able to “think strategically, but are willing to roll up their sleeves”, and have “strong relationship development and negotiating skills, so they are able to earn respect and trust among internal and external business partners”. The people who make the strong marketers are “very driven to succeed” and “have a good eye for detail and a creative flair”. For Meghan’s job specifically, a person “must possess a strong sense of urgency, be able to manage multiple projects at once, and be very organized”. Aside from all the things learned in school Meghan thinks it is important for young people to “take advantage of their immediate resources” because networking is a great way to find jobs and get started with life after-college.

If someone would want to work within the marketing field, but not be a Marketing Campaign Manager, there are still several jobs available to them that would still interest them. There are positions in marketing that include being a “copywriter, designer, production manager, and traffic manager”, which make up the lower level, Lifecycle-Marketing-for-Property-Management-Stages-and-Goalslower stress jobs. The higher-up marketing positions include being a “creative director or a marketing VP”. If the job of a Marketing Campaign Manager does peak someone’s interest, the position of “Campaign Manager and Project Manager are very versatile” and similar jobs can be found at almost every company because “every project needs someone who will lead a team to success”. Each of the various marketing positions have different salaries based on which level of work the position falls into. The more entry-level jobs have annual salaries ranging from $35-$50k while the middle-level positions range from $50-$80k. The top-level marketing positions have an annual pay of $80,000+ depending on how long the person has been there and the specific title that they hold. A company like JPMorgan does pay their employees on the higher end of the spectrum, but still remain pretty even to other companies around their same size.

Now that she has held her position for over three and half years, Meghan is able to reflect on how she felt when she first started compared to how she feels now. She wishes that when she first go the job she would have known that “the work never really stops” and that it is expected that she will “stay until the job is done”. When she first started the job she did not realize how important it is to understand marketing financials. For her job, Meghan must be able to “stay within budget” and “forecast” what the next budget might be based on the previous ones. Now that she knows everything she knows and had experienced all the key things her job entails, she still thinks it is challenging and stressful at times, but overall very much enjoys all the things she gets to do.


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